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Are you confused and want help in working out where you can adopt from?

Oh there is so much information about adoption on the internet that it is mind-boggling and instead of enabling you to know what to do, it confuses you even more.  And we all know what confusion does.....paralyses us. And before you know, years have gone by and you are still in the same situation.

You are not alone and because of this I have begun a new service - I work with you to create your Personal Adoption Plan.

I know the ins and the outs of the international adoption arena and know who to contact, where to research, know what is reliable, what is the latest, where adoptions are working etc etc. After an initial consultation with you, you leave me to get on with the task of setting up your Personal Adoption Plan so all you have to do is pick up the phone and begin the process of becoming a parent.

Commissioning a Personal Adoption Plan will saving you hours and hours of endless confusing research, gives you a detailed roadmap to move forward, provides you with all the contacts and information that you need and is tailored to your own unique personal circumstances.

If you are interested in this bespoke service please send an email to with Personal Adoption Plan in the heading and we will get back to you as soon as possible with information as to how we work.





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Help us to help you bring your child home. Thank you! We are starting a registered adoption agency and we need to raise funds so children like Epeni can have a family. If you can help with a small donation to GiFT (Growing International Families Together)we will be so grateful as each Pound brings us a step closer. With gratitude.


By Edith Cherrington

When you face the knowledge of barren years
Do your errant thoughts keep turning
To the silent dusk of your empty rooms
With a strong persistent yearning?

Did you feel you were cheated of something fine
When you put an end to hoping?
Do you long for the touch of baby hands
With baby fingers – groping?

Will your name go down to forgetfulness
When you sink with the setting sun?
Leaving no heir to carry on
The work that you left undone?

Then take some child to your home and heart!
Some motherless lass or lad.
You’ll love him as well as you would have done
The child that you never had.


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