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The 50 steps to bring your baby home

One of the most confusing things about the whole adoption process is that you never know what comes next. You don't have an overall picture of how it all works, who you will be dealing with and what is expected of you.

 Here, I outline the process in a simple step by step fashion so that you can get a general idea of the whole process.  


There is one caveat however, and that is that it very difficult to outline the exact specifics, as each adoption case is unique.  Each couple is different, each local authority or adoption agency works differently, each country operates differently and each region in the country, and in fact each orphanage works differently, just as each child is unique.



But here are the basic and essential steps that you will need to follow.  Each of these stages are expanded on throughout the website. I have divided the process into three stages:


First phone call to Certificate - This all happens in the UK

Registering your papers to meeting and agreeing to adopt your child - This process is in the country of your adoption

From Match to final adoption - Part in country of your child's birth and partly back in the UK.





1. Contacting Fostering and Adoption Team at your Local Authority or Voluntary Adoption Agency

2. First meeting with Social Worker

3. 3-Day preparation course

4. Home Study 6-8 months

5. CRB Check

6. Medical assessment

7. Home Study report

8. Panel meeting

9. Papers go to Department of Education

10. Certificate of Eligibility issued




11. Additional documents collected

12. Papers Notarised

13. Documents legalised Foreign and Commonwealth Office

14. Papers go to your adoption representative/agency

15. Documents translated

16. Dossier legalised in county

17. Dossier submitted to Country's Adoption Authority either self or agency

18. Agency/facilitator searches for match

19. The Wait

20. The Call of notified of match

21. Prepare travel arrangements

22. Go to country of adoption

23. Meet authorities in country

24. Travel to referrals orphanage

25. Meet your potential child

26. Accept or reject child as yours

27. If reject search begins again until find your child




27. Travel home

28. Meet with social worker to discuss match 

29. Adoption process in country begins

30. Notification of court date

31. Travel out to country

32. Meet child again

33. Attend court process

34. Parents!!

35. Pick up your child

36.  Gather documents and passport for your child

37. Apply for UK entry visa for your child

38. Travel home with new family

39. Inform Department of Education of intention to adopt child

40. Social worker visits

41. Apply in UK courts for adoption

42. Guardian and solicitor appointed

43. Guardian home visit

44. Initial court hearing

45. Final adoption hearing - legally parents in UK

46. Issue of adoption certificate and new birth certificate

47. Issue of British nationality

48. Post placement reports

49. Whole adoption process complete

50. Autonomous individuals and private family life commences!


NB. This is an example of adoption through a non designated country. If the country of your child's birth has signed the Haugue Convention then the process finishes at No. 38 bar the post placement reports and your child automatically qualifies for British Nationality on Court case in country.


In some countries, you travel to the country to submit your documents and in others you  can take a very active part in the search of your child.


This is a very broad outline and there are many, many minitue of details in each section and which you wil ascertain though this website.


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