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Adopting members of your family who live in another country

One of the most disturbing things about the complex international process is that applies to those who wish to adopt the child of a relative living overseas


It is very important to understand that it is illegal to adopt a child from overseas, even if it is a relative, and bring them back into the UK, without being assessed and approved as suitable adoptive parents.

This ruling came about because a little girl Victoria Victoria Climbie came into the UK to live with her Aunt. Sadly she was not looked after and died. As a result of the investigations the decison was made that all people who live in the UK and who adopt a child need to be assessed and approved before the adoption can take place. This is even for kin - the child of a sister, or brother, a family member.

You also have to pay the fees for the homestudy and assessement and this can sometimes reach up to £7000 and £1775 for your Certificate of Eligibility.

This is so sad as it is a moral obligation to provide for members of your family. But if you are habitually resident in the UK and the child is overseas you have to go though this process.

There is the understanding that if you wish to adopt a Named Child then the process should be fast tracked. However, it may still take over 6 months to obtain all the legal paperwork and  povisions must be made for the child whist they wait for you to get them.

It can get very complex and it may be prudent to have a consultation to get a road map to move forward so that you can fulfil your family duties.



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