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Personal Consultation

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What better way to start your adoption journey then by asking all the questions that you have to a person who has all the relevant and current answers?

Having a consultation at the beginning of the process will save you hours, even months of time, will put you straight away on the right track, will enable you to prepare for your family and will give you an accurate and frank view of all aspects of adoption so you can plan with confidence and be empowered to move ahead.

In the 90 minute sessions you will gain the benefit of my 10 years of experience working in international adoption. These sessions can either be face to face in my home office in Bournemouth or via Skype anywhere in the country.


These consultations offer you the opportunity to discuss your concerns and fears in a safe and knowledgeable environment. Often people are put off the whole process of adopting because of something they fear. With open and frank discussions and exploring these concerns, potential parents find that it may not be as complex and difficult as they initially thought and that their fears can be overcome and they can move forward.

The sessions are designed to give you a framework and road map for you to go forward on your adoption dream, giving you the confidence and knowledge to successfully complete an adoption, be it domestic or international.

It is also an opportunity to see if adoption could be a positive option vs infertility treatment. Many people come to adoption as a final step on a long road of trying to create a family, often through medical intervention. Discussing your choices, options, worries and anxieties in an open environment gives you the best chance to make the correct choice for you. Adoption is a positive option. An open discussion with someone who has been there (yes 3 attempts) and happily found love through adoption may save you years of angst, frustration and disappointment.

If you are already set on adoption and are not sure which country to find your child or want to know the pros and cons of domestic adoption vs inter-country adoption. These sessions are for you.

Each session is tailor made to your requirements and needs. 


"...then we came across Cecile Trijssenaar and her international adoption guide . Not only did she provide clarity about how best to proceed tailored to our own particular circumstances but also a practical and sensitive sounding board who is committed to helping us through each step on the journey. She brings a perspective from her own experience of adopting internationally with the empathy and credibility that goes with that."

"I have no doubt that Cecile's knowledge, fighting spirit, courage and caring nature will help many families to bring home their child. Take advantage of this opportunity as she knows how important it is for our kids to come home to us. "

"You bought light to a process and journey which was completely new to me yet you made it simple and inspiring in a genuine loving and professional way." 

If you would like to take advantage of this amazing personal coaching session please email

We are are also available on weekends.

The consultations last 90 minutes and there is a fee attached.



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A consultation at the beginning of your adoption journey will save you hours or fruitless research and put you on the best footing to move forward immediately


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