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Bespoke Personal Adoption Plan - Your road map to bringing your child home

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Each adoption is unique and there is no one size fits all, which is why we have created this fantastic service for you.  Designed specifically for you and your family and your particular circumstances the Bespoke Personal Adoption Plan is your road map for you to follow to find and adopt your forever child.


There are many factors to consider when choosing which country to adopt from. You have to meet the laws of the UK and the laws of the country you wish to adopt from before you can move ahead with that country. In addition to the eligiblity criteria you must take into consideration the children who are waiting for adoption, the number of trips, the timings, the residency requirements, the documents that you need, the costs of the adoption, who can faciltate your process and what is the correct procedure. And also if adoptions from those countries are happening in a timely manner at the moment and what is happening on the ground that could affect your adoption process.


We have all this knowledge available to share with you. We have made contact with agents, lawyers and Central Authorities in countries all over the world, so we know what is happening where, we have the people in place who can help, and have a fully comprehensive up to date details on the process and the documents you need.   


By giving you all this information in a Bespoke Personal Adoption Plan you are able to filter through the minefield, and cut out the confusion and as one happy adoptive parent says:

"Your reports have been such a big help and although we started out with Latvia as our first choice, with the political instability and lack of toddlers it doesn’t seem wise to pursue adoption here and we now feel we can happily close this door. Of all the reports Bulgaria really stood out to us, the plight of the Roma children and the need for toddler adoption there really draws us. Plus we love the way the agencies work in country. So yes we are incredibly excited to officially be pursuing Bulgaria for adoption!"

With the up to date information on the ground that we were able to provide, this couple was empowered to look at all the options and make the correct choice for their family. 


Don't become dazed and confused by reading tons of stuff that ends up as one confused muddle in your head. Within only 5 weeks you will have what you need to make an informed choice and thus can begin your adoption dream now, this year, bringing your child home as soon as possible. 


In your Bespoke Personal Adoption Plan we do due dilligence and create an all-inclusive resource that you will be able to refer to again and again for the whole of your adoption journey and will give you the knowledge and power to begin the adoption journey immediately.


Taking your personal needs and wishes the Bespoke Personal Adoption Plan gives you:


  • The 50 steps chart, to give you an idea of the whole process
  • A list of the countries which are a good fit for you to adopt from - where you fulfil the criteria and where there are children who are a good match for you and your family
  • Full information on the children needing adoption - their age, gender, health conditions.
  • The process you need to follow to in the country you are habitually resident to get your Certificate of Eligibility or equivalent  
  • The process you need to follow in your child’s country to submit your dossier, be accepted as potential adoptive parent, and court processes
  •  The laws of the country you are living in and of the country that you want to adopt;
  • Contact details of relevant persons who can support you on your adoption journey
  • Contacts of checked and monitored facilitators and lawyers that will provide the service you need
  • Comprehensive list of all the documents you need
  • Breakdown of timings
  • Full Breakdown of costs
  • Fully detailed step by step breakdown of the adoption procedure
  • Details of the court procedure
  • Details on how to get the paperwork for your child
  • How to bring your child back into the UK, or the country you are living in
  • Details of  how to claim nationality for your child
  • Networks and Support groups for you and your child
  • News and articles of the country of choice
  • Understanding of medical terms
  • Contact details of adoption doctors
  • Academic reasearch and practical information on issues such as transracial adoption
  • Information on post placement requirements
  • All the background information that will help you have a successful adoption

With all of this information at your finger tips you will not only be feeling confident and excited, you will also be able to focus on moving forward and not stuck in months of searching, worrying, confustion, angst and paralysis.


Will it be Pakistan or Monglolia, Poland or Peru?  What is happening in Haiti? Is Armenia a good fit? Is religion a barrier? Where are the babies? What about an Ebola orphan, or an abandoned Chinese boy?


Waste no more time. International adoption is hard enough, make it easy on yourself and get the information that you need now. 


As your Personal Adoption Plan is bespoke, created specifically for you and your needs, it will take 4 - 6  weeks to complete.


This personal service means that I can only take on a handful of clients at one time and I am taking bookings now for next month, so book your Bespoke Personal Adoption Plan now. 


Please call Cecile on 08444 157 827 or email to find out more.


Thank  you and looking forward to helping you bring your child home.



P.S. We do not just leave you there. We also have an experience international adoption team available to hold your hand during the whole adoption process. Someone to be there with you from now and until your child is home and legally yours, handling your paper work, speaking to agents and central authorities in country, liasing with lawyers, pushing for things to happen and ensuring all is in order. Working with you and handling the process so that you can focus on your child and becoming a family. or 08444 157 827

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