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Criteria for adopting from Bulgaria

Bulgaria is open to inter-country adoptions and there are many children waiting for families

To adopt from Bulgaria you must fulfil both the requirements of the UK government and that of Bulgaria.

According to the Bulgarian international law prospective adoptive parents must be:


Bulgarian legislation does not have any restrictions on prospective adoptive parents other then they must be over 18 and at least 15 years older than the child and fulfil the legal requirements of their country of residence.

However guidelines stipulate that: “There should be no more then 50 years of the youngest of the spouse in a married couple and the child, and not more than 55 years between the adoptee and the elder member of the couple.”

When the child is adopted by a single parent then the child can be no more than 50 years younger than the adopter.



Couples can only adopt together if they are married. Single people may adopt

As Bulgarian law on marriage is between a woman and a man, same-sex married couples are not allowed to adopt in Bulgaria.

Single gay adopters with co-habiting partners have been registered with the Dept of Justice but as of yet have not been allocated children.



If you have suffered a life threatening health condition and it has been medically explored and you have been approved as a PAP in your country of residence, you will be able to adopt. You will only need to supply documentation on the disease or condition that you have and the medical examiners opinion on your ability to adopt.

Each adoption is taken on a case by case basis.


Residency requirements

There are no residency requirements to complete an intercountry adoption in Bulgaria. However, prospective adoptive parents are expected to spend five days with their adoptive child before the orphanage director will release the child. 



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