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Iraq does not permit international adoption

Iraq not allow adoption of its children by foreign nationals.


There is no adoption under Iraqi Law. 

As of October 2005, there is only the system of guardianship which correlates to the Sharia Law of Kafala.

Iraq does not permit any international adoptions. They do no allow any foreigners to obtain legal guardianship of any Iraqi children.

If you are an Iraqi national living outside of Iraq and you are interested in adopting Iraqi orphans you will be deemed a foreigner and subjected to the same requirements as other foreigners. ie. you will not be allowed to adopt from Iraq.

The Iraqi Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs will only grant guardianship to extended family or friends who can provide for the child  in Iraq. Therefore they only accommodate domestic guardianship.

A family will also not be able to obtain guardianship over a child of a different religious faith.

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