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About the International Adoption Guide

International Adoption Guide is a labour of love. The first time my son sat on my lap and I kissed the top of his head, I was filled with the most unbelievable sense of joy, which has never abated. At that moment, smelling his beautiful hair, and feeling his heart beating safely in my arms, I vowed that I would do everything in my power to bring this same exquisite feeling to as many people and children as possible.

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I am horrified at how many children in the world are growing up without the loving care of parents and how many potential parents are missing the joy of hearing the patter of tiny feet and the peals of happy laughter.  For me it is very simple:  there are children who need parents and there are people who need children.  Now one just has to get the two together!   There are two flames that burn in my heart – injustice and hope.  It breaks my heart that there are 163 million children in the world growing up without parental care. That is 3 times the population of the UK, or more than the combined populations of Tokyo, Mexico City, New York, Mumbai, Shanghai, Moscow and Bangkok .  It is the silent  global crisis that goes ignored.  


My adoption journey was difficult.  I was clueless and spent hours, days, weeks, scouring the internet trying to find pertinent information. I was exhausted, drained, stressed and frustrated. I felt that the world was against me and that I would never find my child. I am a pretty strong character, life has given me fortitude, but still, I nearly gave up countless times. If I went through this, then others must be too.  How many of them are giving up, or don't know where to start? A childless future is very sad, but even sadder is a beautiful child who, through no fault of its own, is denied the right of a loving family. I would have loved to adopt all the children in my son’s orphanage!  I couldn’t, but what I can do, is help others who want  to give a child with an unfortunate beginning, a chance to have a normal life.   


In 2007, I set up International Adoption Guide which was an immediate success. I have supported and advised hundreds of people taking the initial steps to becoming a family.  What I noticed when talking to these wonderful potential parents was that the same questions were coming up and I realised that I needed to enhance International Adoption Guide and make it more pragmatic and useful.

I have listened and understood your needs and I have now created a wonderful service where in one place you can find the knowledge, education, information, advice and support to guide you through the process. Our aim is to empower you in your reseach and preparation stage to give you the confidence to move forward and be able to overcome any challenges that come your way.

We have this website which we are in the process of revising and over the next few months we will be bringing you easy to read products to download to read at your leisure. 

Our aim is to fully support you so you can give a child a home! 




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