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Empowering one-on-one consultation

Do you have concerns about stepping on the adoption path? Are there questions you cannot find answers for? Do you want to speak to someone in a safe and non threatening environment?

I am offering professional consultations which give you the opportunity to explore your international adoption options.


It is a big step moving from years of infertility treatment  to looking into adoption to complete your family. It is not just a different way to create a family but a different mindset.  You have to have a heart shift from wanting to have a child, to wanting to become a parent to a child.

Talking in a safe environment with someone who understands you and where you are coming from is invaluable to help you make that shift and prepare you in your journey to become a family.

Do you have some concerns about the children available? Do you want to know if you are eligible to adopt? Do you want to explore what countries are available to adopt from?

Any questions and concerns can be explored in our one-on-one consultations.  Many people have found these sessions to be crucial in empowering them to take their adoption forward.

Sessions are held in Southbourne near Bournemouth or via Skype.  They last for 90 minutes for an investment of £240

To book your appointment please call me on 08444 157 827 or email me at

Looking forward to personally helping you to complete your family.




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By Edith Cherrington

When you face the knowledge of barren years
Do your errant thoughts keep turning
To the silent dusk of your empty rooms
With a strong persistent yearning?

Did you feel you were cheated of something fine
When you put an end to hoping?
Do you long for the touch of baby hands
With baby fingers – groping?

Will your name go down to forgetfulness
When you sink with the setting sun?
Leaving no heir to carry on
The work that you left undone?

Then take some child to your home and heart!
Some motherless lass or lad.
You’ll love him as well as you would have done
The child that you never had.


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