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The Benefits of using International Adoption Guide's services

I want you to become a parent. I want you to feel the joy of holding your own son or daughter in your arms. I want children to have a Mama and Daddy. To help you succeed in your dreams, and fulfil a child's dream, I have created a simple method that will guide you step-by-step to unite you with your child.

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The best way that we can help you become a parent and bring your child home, is for you to use one of the many services that we offer.

1. First read the website which gives you hundreds of pages of vital information, contacts, tips, warnings, experiences, short cuts, alerts, news, articles, academic research, blogs, comments, expert advice. This gives you a good back ground to the whole international adoption process.

2. Send us your details and we will send you the small chart that outlines the 50 vital steps that you may need to take to easily and smoothly go through the international adoption process and bring your child back into the UK.

We will send you regular information with news, updates, articles, research as well as information from third parties such as special webinars, seminars, meet and greets and other exciting events that will enhance your adoption journey.

3. Download the various ebooks that outline the details of each of the 50 steps (check back every month as they are being created as we speak and we will be loading them when they are completed)

4. Like our Facebook page to be informed and to engage in discussions.

5. Call us to schedule your One-on-One Consultation where you meet with Cecile for 90 minutes and discuss your personal situation and concerns and find out what the process is and where the best countries are at the currently that fit in with your family. This is one of the most powerful things that you can do to launch your adoption journey.  Cutting out months and even years of stalling, we will empower you and give you confidence to move forward.

6. To make the process less complex, confusing and difficult you commission a Bespoke Personal Adoption Plan. This is where we take all the research and preparation out of your hands and create a simple, easy and straight forward plan that is exclusive for you. This Plan is current and will give you each step of the process, what you need to do, who you need to speak to, how much it will cost, which children are looking for families, how long it will take. The who, where, when and what for you to successfully adopt a child internationally and bring them into the UK.  

“After a long struggle we thought we had managed to get everything in order for the Russian authorities but at each stage we seemed to be asked for something else, often without much information at all. If there was a place to go to find such information, download the documents or get in touch with people who have done it before to get advice it would have saved so much time, expense and stress, maybe even a wasted trip to Russia” J & G Bucks new parents of M

 * Do you want to become a parent?

* Could you love a child unconditionally?

* Are you patient?

* Are you tenacious? 

* Can you keep your wits about you?

* Will you mind stepping into the State system for a couple of years?

* Do you want a future that is full of joy, laughter, challenges, nurturing, love and play?

* Are you fit and healthy?

* Do you have a whole lot of love to give?         

*Do you want to hear the words “Mummy”?


Then begin now to make your dreams come true. Email and within 6 weeks you will:

* Know where your child is

* How to get from where you are now to where your child is

*How much it costs and how long it will take.

* What documents you need

* Who will be able to assist you

* What you need to do

This is the most powerful way for you to be totally prepared for this very exciting phase of your life


I am totally confident that with my method you will:

* Save hours and hours of internet research 

* Be able to discern between reality and the myths

* Will successfully survive the Home Study

* Be confident to follow your dreams

 * Save money

  * Be supported

* Stay sane

* And never give up!

 Thank you!

I am so grateful that you are helping me achieve my aim of seeing as many children as possible out of orphanages and into loving families.  


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"Thank you so much for all the information you have supplied...I have found it extremely valuable to help with the decision making process...I'm going to do it!"  AM Member

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