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International Adoption Guide is dedicated to my great friend JJ Swart.


JJ was bought up in a Children's Home in Bloemfontein in South Africa. He never knew his father and his mother died when he was two years old.


He was an advocate of adoption and was one of my greatest supporters throughout my process.  He attributed his positive outcome to the fact that he had a 'foster family' whom he spent weekends and holidays with.


Healthy discussions, debates, arguments and lengthy intellectual conversations framed our relationship. He was a scientist and unlike me did not believe in a higher being, although he would listen whilst I'd expound my theories, and then flatten my ideas with scientific fact!


But our most intimate conversations were about orphans, orphanages, loss, fear, survival, family, relationships, adoption. He gave me a greater understanding about my son, and it is my greatest sadness that he is not here to watch my son grow up and to provide me his beautiful valued continual on-going support.


JJ died in August 2010


I miss him

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