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Thanks again for all your help, you have been so incredibly informative, helpful and also so inspiring about it all. I have really enjoyed meeting you and learning about adoption through you, has no doubt enriched me. SM

"Thank  you Cecile for all your support! I feel so much less alone now   : ) " MT

"Thank you Cecile you are an inspiration" JK Slough

“I think this site has the best info for UK Intl Adopt”  KA London successful adopter

“If we had known then, what we know now I can't imagine how much easy the process would have been” J 36 Portsmouth


“I am delighted to have found your website. My partner and I have been looking into overseas adoption and can't seem to find any useful information from anywhere. I am hoping you might be able to help us!”  JR


“After a long struggle we thought we had managed to get everything in order for the Russian authorities but at each stage we seemed to be asked for something else, often without much information at all.  If there was a place to go to find such information, download the documents or get in touch with people who have done it before to get advice (which IAG provides) it would have saved so much time, expense and stress, maybe even a wasted trip to Russia” J & G Bucks


“We are very happy to discover your website, thank you very much for filling in the informational gaps with the inter-country adoption process.” LG


“Am so glad I've found this site it's such a relief to read about adoption in such an understanding and positive arena - so often sites just seem to be trying to put you off! .....Sorry I'm waffling on and firing off lots of questions but any advice you may have would be very gratefully received!”  Tib London


“Hi Everyone, great to have a forum in the UK” Lara Glos


“I'm new to this site, but glad I found it! . JB Scotland


“I am thrilled to have found a UK-based site on international adoption”. HP Hants


“It is so great to find a site dedicated to adopting from abroad that is not American based I am looking for information as to what to do, who to see, how long will it take and how much does it cost ? many questions I know but I hope that one of you may have the answers.” Palin 36 Manchester


“ It's so amazing to find this website and forum. I can't believe that the other 'information' sites want money before I can even find out about inter-country adoption! Crazy. Anyway - it has been really interesting reading all these postings.      BBS London


It is really lovely to go on this site and read all the positive (if touched with realities!) information about adoption.   T London



“What you have done Cecile during all these years is fantastic and I think everyone in the RUKA group realises this - you are the one who started this invaluable support group  and it is the biggest comfort. Brilliant.”  JW London


This was exactly why i contacted you. With the doubts in the back of my mind i wanted to reassure myself i was doing the right thing. Charlotte Birmingham


“Thanks for this - it is excellent to receive. Many thanks for all your hard work which we benefit from.” F& S Bucks


“M asked me to contact you as soon as possible to transmit the good news and to thank you for all your help and goodwill”.  N Morocco


“Oh my goodness….so very helpful and informative”. L M Hong Kong


“This is such a powerful video, thank you very much for sharing it with us.” P Wales


“I wish you all the luck and success you deserve. I am in the process of saving for my inter-country adoption fees and no doubt I will be needing your support soon! SH Surrey


“This is a great cause and the World needs more loving and caring people like you. Thank you for giving these children a hopeful future !” Anonymous


"If you are planning to adopt a child or give your baby in adoption from the United Kingdom you should check this site for relevant information. It provides critical information at the decision-making moment to women facing crisis pregnancies, information about where correct adopt agencies are, what you should do after the adoption and where you can find useful books related to the matter in question. The site also has chats and forums where you can meet other people who have been adopted, are willing to adopt or have already adopted and can give you support concerning to this issue. If you have any doubt or question in connection with the adoption process, this site may help you to find the answers."


“This looks like an amazing website and is doing great work. I'm not in the position to adopt yet as I currently only have a 1 bed flat, but I hope in the near future I'll be in a position that will allow me to start this process and I certainly plan on using this site to help. Many thanks, the site is inspirational.” SB Portsmouth


And thank goodness for RUKA - it, and you all, have been lifesavers through the process! Best,  F & L


I found it difficult to find information on adoption living on the Isle of Wight but found this site and was so happy it’s easy to use and full of every think you need to know very helpful :) RB Bristol

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