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Your Personal Adoption Consultation

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 I don't know what to do! 

Who do I speak to?

What happen when?

Congratulations for beginning your journey to become a parent through adoption.

Despite what you have heard the process is quite straight forward - if you have the right support and we are here to offer you the right support throughout your whole adoption journey. 

Talking to an expert, who has adopted herself, and is an independent professional, you will immediately be able to gain the vital information and knowledge that you need to begin your adoption journey today. Stop wasting any more time in confusing and endless internet searches book the appointment that you need now and become a parent sooner.  

Do you need the answer to a quick question? Then book a half an hour consultation where your initial questions can be answered fully:


Do you need to fully understand the international adoption process as it stands right now today? Then the 90 minute Start Strong Consultation is right for you.


Do you want to discuss and explore which country you want to adopt from? Exploring Country Options will look at the children needing homes, timings, costs and duration in country are all things that need to be explored. Take this opportunity to explore several countries and find the one that is right for you.

Are you in the adoption process but have come across a snag? Don't worry - schedule an hour Problem Solving Consultation and we will explore solutions as well as providing details of other professions who can help. Book your hour here now:

Congratulations you have begun the adoption journey!


 Thanks again for all your help, you have been so incredibly informative, helpful and also so inspiring about it all. I have really enjoyed meeting you and learning about adoption through you has no doubt enriched me. SM


We adopted our daughter in 2004 from Russia. It was very difficult not knowing the process nor having someone here in London with the right experience to understand what step we needed to take to go through this incredible but daunting adventure. I read books, attended courses and seminars, spoke to agencies and every night I surfed the Internet for information. Exhausting! I came across an incredible amount of resources and I was never sure if what I was reading was correct or up to date. Not to mention the time that took to go through what was available. At the end we opted for an American agency but what I needed was a guide and a mentor close to home and I could only dream of someone that could take this role here in England. When I learned that Cecile, whom I met when we were both going through the adoption process, had decided to be that guide I said 'I wish you were there when we were adopting!' It would have save us a lot of time, money and stress knowing that we had someone close by that had lived first hand that experience, to help us through it. I have no doubts that Cecile's knowledge, fighting spirit, courage and caring nature will help many families to bring home their child. Take advantage of this opportunity as she knows how important it is for our kids to come home to us. I wish you all the best in the most incredible adventure of your life.

Stefania, London 

All payments for consultation are full and final 
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