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Are you desperate to become parents?

If you are reading this you have probably been on the 'trying to become a parent' road for many years. 'Reproduction' absorbs you every waking hour.

We spend the first half of our reproductive life trying to avoid getting pregnant and then the second half desperately trying to become parents!  It takes over our whole lives - we know everything about everything that has to do with reproduction and yet it still alludes us. We try everything that is at hand, from sex at lunch time, to test tubes and still we are not rewarded with that beautiful gift of children. 


And what ever route we come to adoption, we finally come to the idea of becoming a parent to a child who is growing up without the love and care of a mother and father. And by default we come under the scrutiny of a social worker in whose power our futures stands.


Whatever you do, do not show that in any respects that you are 'desperate' for a child. For some reason conventional wisdom dictates that if you are desperate you will not make a good prospective parent.


Of course you are desperate to become a parent!!  It is only someone who has a strong desire and passion to become a parent who will endure 3 years of their life, all their life savings and travel half way around the world to experience it.  But for the social worker this is a big no no.  So your convicted desire must be toned down for the social worker.  International adoption is in the interest of the child and not of the parent.  You are adopting to give a child a home, not because you want to become a mother or father. This is a key feature and you must bear it in mind.


Here we honour the parent and know that it is in the best interests of the child that their parents are not exhausted, shattered, broke, stressed and sleepless.  For the social worker this is all OK as long as you are not 'desperate' - go figure!!

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