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Specific Questions and Answers

I just want to highlight some specific situations which may arise and are not answered through the rest of the sections

1. I have been known by several names and this is reflected on my official documents - will this affect my adoption?

The social worker will want to know the reasons why you have been known by a number of different names or has changed your name by deed poll. They will want to discuss the reasons until they can clearly understand your motivations. 


2. I have a birth child at school, will this come up in my homestudy?

If you have children and they are attending school, it is quite likely that the adoptiong agency/social worker will ask your child's school if it has any views about your child's relationship with you.


3. My husband has been subject to a supervision by the Probation Service, will this affect our adoption?

It is probable that the social worker will obtain the views of the Probation Service to understand why your husband is subject to supervision. From that they will make their decisions. 

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