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The assessment process has clear cut aims

The aims of the assessment process is to:


  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the prospective adopters


  • Form a view of potential adopter's capacity to adopt a child


  • Assess the stability and permanence of a couple's relationship


  • Support and guide the prospective adopter towards becoming an adoptive parent (usually seeing why you shouldn't be a prospective parent rather then supporting you towards becoming one!)


  • Identify areas where, if approved, the potential adopters will need further development, including the provision of adoption support (may not be applicable to inter-country adoption)


  • Prepare the prospective adopter’s report, after evaluating the information gathered from preparation course, during the assessment process, and evidence from references, checks, enhanced CRB and other reports


  •  Finally, to enable the social worker to propose to the adoption panel whether the prospective adopter is suitable to adopt.
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