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How confidential is the HomeStudy report?

If the Homestudy results in an adoption placement, then it will form part of the adoption record, required by England and Wales under the Adoption Agencies Regulations 1983 and Scottish Adoption Agencies regulations 1996.


 Thus the Homestudy is covered by the confidentiality requirements of those regulations.  In England and Wales the Adoption Regulations sets out the right of prospective adopters to see and comment on the assessment.

If you are living in Scotland you will be able to have a copy of the panel report, excluding information from third parties  (Regulation 10 (5)(b) of the 1996 Regulations).

You will therefore be able to see the completed revised report, with the exception of personal references and the health report.

It is often the case that you may not be happy with some of the information, or assessment, that the social worker has made about you. This will be the time to look over it and and review it with the social worker.





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