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Financial considerations

One of the most inportant factors when considering if you will make a good potential adoptive parent is if you can finacially provide for your child.

Most countries want to have proof that you can adequately provide for a child. This is of course natural and you will be expected to provide some evidence that you have the necessary financial resourses available to look bring up and look after a child. 

I have heard of a situations where the adoption agency has asked for proof that you are able to pay for your adoption process before they start the homestudy. This feels very uncomfortable to me, as you are unlikely to commence without adequate funds and it smacks of  financial incentives. 

However, during your process the social worker will want to check your income. This becomes a bit sticky, because you will be asked to provide a letter from your employer or accountant, and you may not be telling anyone yet, that you are going though an adoption. Most adopters have found that they have had to disclose this information to their bosses before they really feel that they are ready. They have had to arrange a meeting to tell them their intentions. Others have quietly gone to HR to request confirmation of income.  Take heart most people will be very excited to know that you are adopting and even more so that they are privvy to information that is not yet public!

You will also be asked many financial questions about how you will cope once your are home with your baby.

Questions that you are likely to be asked are:

  • What adoption leave is available to you?
  • How long will you take off? (min 6 months, preferably 1 year)
  • Will you be able to care for a child if no adoption allowance is available?
  • What childcare will be in place for when you return to work?
  • If you intend to give up work, will you have adequate funds coming in?
  • How will you cope with the reduced income?
  • What adjustments will you make?
  • What financial support will you need?
  • (Will you be looking for support, financial and other, from the agency?)

Please note self employed people do not qualify for statutory adoption/maternity leave. If you are self employed the government will not give you any money despite all your NI contributions.


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