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Formal application for adoption

Once you have had your initial counselling interview and everything is OK and you are eligible to proceed. and you have decided that you want to go ahead, then you apply for a formal application.

After your interview, where you and the social worker have discussed your adoption plans and the adoption agency has decided that you are eligible to proceed, you make a formal application.

This formal application is not made sooner, as it is very complicated to come out of the process once it  has begun, so it is only started when there is the expection that it is likely to succeed.  Please note however, that both you and the agency have the right to withdraw the application at any time for what ever reason. This must be given in written form, explainign the reasons why and the due process will follow.

Some local authorities or adoption agencies require you  to attend an information day and following that they ask you to notify them that you wish to proceed with a formal assessment. Each agency has their own procedures and practices but after your application they will confirm that they agree to take up your application.

They will send you an Application Pack which consists of an application form, their fees, and a form confirming that you agree to meet their charges for the preparation and assessment service.


When you return the completed application form with the requested enclosures, we will take up all your statutory, personal and medical references. This is required by Regulation.
Two things will then happen:
- 3 -
I. Arrangements will be made for you to attend the preparation courses which commence each month.
II. An adoption worker will be allocated to undertake the assessment once you have attended the course and they have received confirmation and feedback in writing from the group. This feedback will eventually accompany your home study assessment to the relevant country.

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