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The topics are covered in the Homestudy report

Part one is the fact-finding portion of the Homestudy and will form the basis of the questions that you are asked in your interviews. Generally, each major topic will be covered in one session. Although it is possible to cover several topics in one session and even have a couple of sessions to cover one topic.

1     Agency details

The name address and contact details of your adoption agency.he



Name of social worker                                                    Name of senior social worker/team leader


Telephone                                                                        Fax                                                           E‑mail


Date Form F completed                                                   Date Form F updated



2     Details of applicant(s) (state gender F/M)

                                                                                        1st applicant                                                                  2nd applicant




Previous name(s) (if applicable)



Also known as


Date of birth


*Ethnic descent


Language(s) spoken at home




Practising                                                                          Yes/No                                                                          Yes/No




Current/proposed hours of work




Postcode                                                                            Telephone





* See paragraph on Ethnic descent in Notes for guidance



© BAAF 2000




Form F1 PART 1                                                                                             CONFIDENTIAL


Page 2


Please attach recent photograph


3       Children in the household

Name                                   Gender                  Date of birth            Ethnic descent               Type of school            *Relationship

                                                                                                                                                                                    to applicant









4       Type of resourcePlease tick categories which apply



Adoption                             [   ]                                       Adoption (with adoption allowance)                                                        [   ]

Long‑term fostering            [   ]                                       Other (eg. Residence Order, Parental Responsibilities Order)                  [   ]





Time limited/Task centred


Pre‑adoption                        [   ]                                       Respite care                          [   ]                  Emergency [   ]


Remand                               [   ]                                       Bridging placement               [   ]                  Short term                           [   ]


Parent and child                   [   ]


Other (please specify)         [   ]



5a    Matching considerationsInformation on child/children the applicant(s) can consider


This section to be completed with the applicant(s) after a full discussion of the issues (see Part 2 for greater detail).


Age range (eg 9‑12 years)



Number of children the applicant can consider (please circle)   1   2   3   4   5   or more

(if the applicant can consider a single child as well as a family group of two or three, please circle  1,  2 and 3)



Gender (please circle)    Male    Female     Either

(Please indicate where an applicant for a family group can consider only a group including a boy or a girl)



Applicant(s)' ability to care for:


Child whose ethnicity is different from that of the applicant(s)

(Please give brief details)


Child whose religion is different from that of the applicant(s)

(Please give brief details)





* PIease state relationship to applicant(s) (eg. birth child, step‑child, fostered, adopted, or born as a result of assisted conception)


© BAAF 2000


CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                               Form F1 PART 1


Page 3


Specific matching considerations


The aim of this list is to help in the matching process. It should be completed by the social worker and the applicant(s)

together at the end of the assessment process.It is intended to reflect more than just the wishes of the applicant(s):

it should reflect an agreed position between the agency and the applicants about the type of child or situation which is

considered appropriate for the applicant(s), once the issues have been addressed in depth during the preparation and

assessment process.

Please tick if applicants are positively interested or mark 'x' where the family are not interested, or

indicate limitations (with an 'L' in the last column) where this is appropriate and state overleaf.                                                   

                                                                                                                                                                                Ö     X      L

Child with specific medical needs, eg. insulin dependence                                          [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child who has an unclear/unknown medical prognosis                                              [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child with visual impairment/blind                                                                               [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child with hearing impairment/deaf                                                                             [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child with mobility difficulties                                                                                    [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child with speech/language difficulties                                                                        [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child with cerebral palsy                                                                                             [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child with Down's Syndrome                                                                                      [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child with Asperger Syndrome/Autism                                                                        [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child who has a high risk of developing a life‑threatening infection/condition            [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child who has limited life expectancy                                                                         [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child who is likely to need special education provision                                               [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child with severe learning difficulties                                                                          [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child where likely developmental progress is uncertain                                               [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child with facial disfigurement                                                                                    [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child who may have been physically abused                                                            [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child who may have been sexually abused                                                               [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child who has been neglected                                                                                      [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child who has been abandoned                                                                                   [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child who has been emotionally abused                                                                      [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child who is unlikely to make relationships easily                                                       [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child who is likely to have difficulty in bonding with carers over time                       [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child who may display overt behavioural difficulties                                                  [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child who may display sexualised behaviour to adults and to other children              [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child who needs to be in control and who may reject authority/ boundaries               [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child relinquished for adoption by parents who are still living together                       [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child born as a result of rape/incest*                                                                           [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child whose parent(s)’, background and medical history are unknown                       [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child whose parent/both parents* have a history of severe mental illness                   [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child whose parent/both parents* have learning difficulties                                        [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child who is at risk of developing an inherited condition                                            [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child whose parent/both parents* have a history of criminal convictions                    [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child whose parent/both parents* have misused alcohol/drugs                                    [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child with foetal alcohol symptoms                                                                             [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

**Child whose parent has been killed by his/her partner                                             [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

**Child whose birth family has a pattern of severe domestic violence                        [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

**Child who needs to maintain face-to-face contact with birth parent(s)                     [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

**Child who needs to maintain face-to-face contact with siblings/

     grandparents/other family members                                                                        [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

**Child with whom contact via an adoption information exchange is planned            [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child whose ethnicity is different from that of the applicant(s)                                   [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child whose religion is different from that of the applicant(s)                                     [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Child whose legal situation is complex or delayed                                                       [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

*Delete as appropriate

**Please ensure that details in relation to contact are thoroughly explored and a summary provided in the notes at 5b.


© BAAF 2000





Form F1 PART 1                                                                            CONFIDENTIAL


Page 4


There may be other issues not mentioned above which are relevant to the applicant(s)' ability to meet a child's

particular needs. Please include below.



5b Profile of family


Please use about 500 words to outline personalities/family life, interests, experience, etc. Highlight specific qualities

which would assist in matching with a child's needs, paying particular attention to the previous section on specific

matching considerations.

N.B. This section is intended to be used for initial identification of a potential match with a specific child. It provides the

opportunity for the assessing worker to give more detailed information about comments in 5a. It is essential that no

final decision on linking is made without reference to Part 2 and a fuller discussion of the issues raised.








































© BAAF 2000





CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                           Form F1 PART 1


Page 5


6       Other children of the applicants (living elsewhere or deceased)


Name                             Gender          Date of birth                              Ethnic descent             Whereabouts       State relationship*

                                                                                                                                                  (or date and         to applicant(s)

                                                                                                                                                  cause of death)








If you wish to refer these applicants to BAAFLink, please photocopy Sections 1‑10 and send, with profile and

clear photograph and details of date of approval, to

BAAFLink, MEA House, Ellison Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8XS

Tel: 0191 232 3200      Fax: 0191 232 2063


N.B. Agencies who are members of BAAF are not charged for referring a family to BAAFLink.


If referred to BAAFLink                                                 Date of approval:


Nature of approval: (please note particularly any changes from section 5a)



7       Other adult members of the household (including grown‑up children living at home)


Name                      Gender                    Date of birth                  Ethnic descent                   Relationship

                                                                                                                                                                      (eg. relative, lodger,

                                                                                                                                                                        friend, respite carer)






8       Other significant adults (i.e. who will be involved/have contact with the children on a regular basis)


Please mark ** those for whom checks are required


Name                      Gender                    Date of birth                        Ethnic descent                  Relationship

                                                                                                                                          (eg. relative, lodger,

                                                                                                                                           friend, respite carer)



* Please state relationship to applicant(s) (eg. birth child, step‑child, fostered, adopted or born as a result of assisted conception)

**See paragraph on Legal framework in Notes for guidance



.9     Accommodation, neighbourhood, mobility


Comment on the ethnic composition of the locality, and on the availability and characteristics of specific amenities, including schools, medical resources, community and religious groups and recreational facilities. Indicate public trans­port facilities and proximity of the above amenities to the applicant(s)' home.






Type of accommodation; security and type of tenure; proposed sleeping arrangements for the child.


Please indicate whether a Health and Safety Checklist has been completed and highlight any issues arising from this. If applicant(s) plan to move, give details and any implications for a child placed.



10   Pets


Do the applicants have pets? Please specify.


Are there any limitations to accepting a child accompanied by a pet?


11a  Verification of applicant(s)' identity


Is/are the applicant(s) domiciled* in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man? (In England and Wales, an adoption order cannot be made unless the applicant(s) (or one of them if a married couple) is/are so domiciled.)





If no, give domicile



How long has/have the applicant(s) been resident in the UK?

(Residence of one year in the UK allows applicants to adopt in Scotland but not in England and Wales)



*Domicile is not the same as residence. The nearest definition is permanent home: a person may be resident for many years in another country without ceasing to be domiciled in the country he/she regards as "home". Legal advice should always be sought early on in cases where there is any uncertainty.


© BAAF 2000



                                                                                        1st applicant                                              2nd applicant



(N.B. Being a non‑British national is not

a bar to adoption or fostering)


Date birth certificate seen


Marital status


If married to each other give date,

place of marriage and date certificate

or equivalent document seen


Length of marriage/partnership

Has either of the applicants had a previous marriage?


                                                                           1st applicant     Yes/No                              2nd applicant       Yes/No


If yes give details, how terminated and,

if children involved, custody or residence

arrangements made.

Specify documents seen and date.


11 b Career history


This should include work and other non-work experience including education - schools attended, further or higher education. All time since leaving full-time education should be accounted for and details given for any period not in full-time employment, education or training. This would include unemployment, voluntary work and leisure activities, raising a family, part-time work or education.


A chronological account of all name changes and addresses should be provided for all adults in the household. Confirmation should be provided that National Insurance numbers have been obtained for each applicant and used for the purpose of confirming identity in relation to employment history.



Career history (contd)




11 C    Agency enquiries (including police checks)

These are required by

The Adoption Agencies Regulations 1983 as amended

The Foster Placement (Children) Regulations 1991 as amended

The Adoption Agencies (Scotland) Regulations 1996

The Fostering of Children (Scotland) Regulations 1996


Are recommended by the Code of Practice on Assessment of Carers 1999.


Please specify on whom checks have been carried out and by which agency; include all adult members of the house­hold and significant others.


                                                                                        1st applicant                  2nd applicant                 Other adults


Date check returned



DoH Consultancy Index

(England & Wales only)

Probation (England & Wales only)

Medicals ‑ Form Adult 1




NSPCC/Children First

Social Services/Social Work Department

Independent referees


Family member



N.B. Not all checks are relevant for all applicants. Please consult the appropriate regulations.


Comment on any issues arising from the above checks.


12    Application, preparation groups, assessment


N.B. Preparation groups form part of the assessment process


When was the application first made?


Date home study started

State number of times applicant(s) seen


For joint applicants state number of times seen                  1st applicant                                                 2nd applicant






For applicants where there are already children in the household, state number of times family group seen and num­ber of times children seen separately.


Family group

Children in family



*Check needs to ensure that mortgage/ rental payments are up to date

**Employer's references should always be sought where employment involves contact with children



Date group preparation started

State the number and type of group meetings attended by the applicant(s). Detail the ethnic mix of the group. Outline

the specific areas covered (attach training programme). Comment on the applicant(s)' participation in the group. Summarise written comment from group leaders. State the applicant(s)' own assessment of the usefulness of the preparation groups. Identify any further areas of training needed and how these training needs will be met.


Where group preparation is not offered, please state the type of preparation the applicant(s) has/have received. Have they had the opportunity to learn about the needs/behaviours of "looked after" children? Have they met experienced foster carers / adopters? What reading material has been available to them?



13    *Health BAAF publishes standard medical forms for the examination of applicants


Name, address and telephone number of family doctor(s)




Date of medical report                                                      1st applicant                                           2nd applicant



Applicants should have been seen in

the three months prior to the medical

reports being completed and

medical reports should be

updated at least every two years






Comments of agency medical adviser


Does any member of the household or extended family have a physical, mental or emotional disability/difficulty (eg. Alzheimer's disease, asthma, heart condition, etc)?


Give details of disabled children


14 *Personal references


State whether referees have been interviewed (Please attach full record of visits to referees)


Indicate the relationship of the referee to the applicant(s) and length of time they have known the applicant(s). Comment on the evidence they provide of the applicant(s)' ability to perform the tasks involved. Please link this with the required competences outlined in Part 4.


Reference 2 date of visi


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