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What areas make up the home study

The Homestudy consists of 5 parts. Some of these parts are fact-finding and the others are analysis and assessment of those facts.

Part 1

Part one of the Homestudy is the information gathering section. The social worker fills in this section according to what she gleans from the interviews with you and your family.  The topics covered can be found here.

Part 2

Adoption agencies belive that the way that you were parented and the way that you have come to understand this experience has an impact on how your will parent a child. Therefore, they will look into creating a 'social history' about you and your partner to see your capacity to care for a child.

It will consist of an analysis by the social worker of the significance of your past and present experiences and your capacity to become  adopters/carers. 

Part 3

Part 3 is only for those who are wanting to adopt a child with a disability


Part 4

This is a list of competences -  knowledge, skills and experience needed by adoptive parents - and the standard to which you are assessed.

The social worker fills in the list according to the type, adequacy and relevance of the evidence submitted with regard to each competency.  You will need to supply all the 'evidence' to back up your competences and the social work will assess its relevance or shortfalls.


Part 5

This is the section that brings together all the other parts and will contain the overall analysis that the social worker has made about you and the significance of the information that you have provide, what their final recommendations are and any point of disagreement between yourselves and the social worker. 






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