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Post adoption considerations and reports

12     Post adoption and post placement


Establish what post‑adoption support the agency will offer and how can you access this.

The agency will want to know what consideration has been given to the possiblity of disruption of the adoption and its effects. What will happen if your relationship breaks down - who will care for the child and what will be the implications.

Most countries will ask for post placement reports. This aids them in the understanding of how their adoption programme is working. They will ask for post placement reports which have to be compilied by a social worker. This means a visit when they will see how the child is settling into your family, how you are bonding with the child and how the child is attaching to you.  They will write a report, which you will need to translate and send to your child's county.

Some counties do not want post adoption reports, others would like them until the child is 18. 

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