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Ethnic descent

Indicate to which ethnic group or combination of groups applicants belong. For example, black Jamaican/Carribbean, black

Pakistani, white English/Scottish. The terms "Caucasian", "Mongoloid" and "Negroid" are examples of imprecise biological

race categorisations and should not be used.




This refers primarily to citizenship and is not the same as ethnicity. Information about nationality is required under Adoption

Agencies Regulations 1983 (England and Wales) and Adoption Agencies (Scotland) Regulations 1996.


8         Valuing diversity

For each applicant: What is each applicant's understanding of Britain as a "multiracial/multicultural" society? How is this

reflected/demonstrated in their present lifestyle? How will they help a black/minority ethnic child cope with racism? How will

they help a white child develop a positive view of Britain as a multiracial/multicultural society?

How‑does each partner view the ethnicity and culture of the other?

What does this family understand about the impact upon children of discrimination and racism? How does the applicant

promote and adopt an anti‑racist approach to parenting? How is this (or will this be) demonstrated? How do any children of

this household perceive this?

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