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What are the basics of the Homestudy?

The who, when, where and what of the Homestudy

  • The Homestudy is a series of interviews that take place at your home by a social worker.
  • The social worker is employed by the social services section of your local authority or by the handful of Voluntary Adoption Agencies that operate regionally in England.
  • It takes from 6 to 9 months to complete a Homestudy.
  • It involves at least 8 meetings with the social worker.
  • The social worker will speak to you together as a couple, as well as, separately.
  • You will need to give the names of at least two referees, who be interviewed by the social worker, and who will vouch for you.
  • The social worker will interview any children over 12 that you have who live in the household.
  • Adult children who are not living in the house may be interviewed.
  • The social worker may want to interview your ex-spouses.
  • The inteviews are scheduled at times that suit you and the social worker.
  • The interviews are not recorded but the social worker will take notes.
  • You will be asked on a range of topics, from your relationships to your faith.
  • The Homestudy costs from £5000 to £7000 depending on who is doing it.
  • A percentage of the fee is paid on commencement, during the process and on completion.
  • You do not have a choice of the social worker as they are allocated to you.
  • You commence the Homestudy after you have completed your three-day Preparation course.
  • You cannot start a Homestudy until at least 6 months have passed since your last IVF treatment.
  • You cannot begin a Homestudy until your youngest child is 2 years old.
  • The Homestudy is compiled into a Homestudy Report.
  • This report is presented to the adoption panel.



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