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Before adopting a child

It is very exciting when the first idea of adoption comes into your mind and then there are the million questions that you need answered before you make the informed decision that will change your life forever.


Adoption is for life and it is not some to enter into light-heartedly. 

It is not a simple case of thinking 'Oh I want to adopt a child from overseas' - there are many personal issues to consider, many practical matters, some financial concerns, the subject of health and age, to mention only a few. 

Here you will find many of the factors you must take into consideration before you are ready to take the decision to go forward or not.  Many people are unaware of these issues and become unstuck somewhere along the process.  You cannot begin the adoption journey until you are completely ready. Being fully prepared for what you are about to encounter will help you to make the correct decisions for completing your family.

I encourage you to look through these issues, discuss them, question them, ponder about them. There may be some things that you are not aware of, others that may not be important to you or some may be critical in your decisions.

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At the base of all thinking about inter-country adoption, or all adoption for that matter, is that adopted children may have greater needs than a birth child. You and your family must be aware of this, prepared for it and able to cope with it.

In inter-country adoption there are the further considerations of a country's criteria. You may have your heart set on China, but if the combined age of you and your husband is more than 90 years, China will not accept you.  You must ensure that you fit the criteria of a country BEFORE you select to adopt from that country, this will save you heartache, time and angst. Obviously, if your adoption is a kinship adoption, this does not apply.

There are many, many beautiful children out there needing a home and international adoption has a funny way of directing your path. You may find that your child is actually not in Bogata but in Bangladesh!




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