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Adoption self-assessment checklist

Reading through this checklist will help you determine whether you may be a suitable adopter.

You need to answer YES to all these questions:


If you have undergone recently IVF or other infertility treatment, was your last course at least six months ago?

Are you a permanent resident of the United Kingdom?

If you have suffered from a significant loss or bereavement recently, have you allowed yourself a period of between 6-12 months to grieve?

 If you are in a relationship, have you been living with your current partner for more than two years?

 Do you have a spare bedroom suitable for a child? And is the physical environment of your home suitable for a child?

 If you work full time, are you prepared to take a period of extended leave/ adoption leave for up to one year, to allow you to settle the child into their new home?

 Is your alcohol consumption below the recommended levels set by the UK government guidelines? (The guidelines are up to 14 units a week for a woman and up to 21 units a week for a man.)

 Do you refrain from 'binge drinking'? (For men, binge drinking is drinking more than eight units of alcohol –or about three pints of strong beer –in one session.

For women, it’s drinking more than six units of alcohol, equivalent to two large glasses of wine.)

 All children placed for adoption have complex emotional needs. Are you willing to care for a child that has inevitably had at least two carers and difficult experiences in their short life?

 Are you willing to work with Adoption Services to complete the required adoption preparation training and to work with a dedicated social worker to complete an assessment of your suitability, usually meeting in your home?

 Are you willing to discuss details about your personal life and where appropriate be prepared for us to interview your ex-partners?

 If you wish to adopt a child under the age of five years old, are you a non-smoker?

(If you are a smoker and wish to adopt a child under the age of five years old, you will need to have given up smoking for at least 12 months prior to attending the adoption Panel for approval as adopters.)

 Are you prepared to undertake a Health Assessment? Anyone who applies to adopt will need to have a medical assessment. Any medical issues that arise will be taken into consideration and the adoption panel's medical adviser will make recommendations on your suitability.

 Are you prepared to undertake a Criminal Records Bureau check? People with minor convictions can adopt a child or children, but much depends on the seriousness of the offence, how long ago the crime was committed and how you have lived your life since. People with convictions for violent or sexual offences against children will not be considered as adopters


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