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Are your eligible to adopt, if you've been married a couple of times?

One of the main issues to place a child for adoption is that they are put into a situation that is better than the one they are in at the moment.

Stability is a key with adoption and adoption agencies will seek to see how stable your relationship is.  It is counter productive to place a child in a family that is not secure.

The pressure of the whole adoption process will test any marriage (!) and the social worker needs to be sure that you are likely to be together for the forseeable future. Nobody knows what will happen in the long-term future so they have to make a judgement on the evidence before them.

It is not unusual for those coming to adoption to have been married before the present relationship. The reasons for the separation and divorce will be explored. However, if between you, you have been married more than 4 times then you will need to provide very good evidence that this present relationship is one that will see you into old age. 

Some countries will place a limit on how many times prospective adoptive parents have been married eg. China




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