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Criteria for single people chosing to adopt



You can adoption internationally if you are single.


Single prospective adopters are welcome in countries such as India, Russia and the USA.


China used to be the most popular country for single adopters until they changed their rules two years ago and forbade singles to adopt. However, there is talk that once the special needs adoptions come into force there will once again be a possibility for single parents to adopt from China. 


Guatemala was also a popular destination for single adopters but the UK closed adoptions from that country a couple of years ago and there seems little chance of them reopening the doors.


The Philipines will accept single adopters for their older children and those with special needs.


Male singles are eligible to adopt in India (single parents have to adopt children of the same gender) and in Russia, but in practice this happens very rarely.  Although there may be laws in place, it is often the people on the ground who determine the course of events. And if you are a male adopter wanting, for example, to adopt from Russia, no one will say to your face that you cannot adopt but you will find that there is dragging of feet, loss of documents, no response to communication etc all in an attempt to deter you.


In the UK side of things if you are single and wanting to adopt, you will need to prove that you have a strong support network in place. Being a single parent is tough, and especially being a new parent  to a very active toddler and one who may have additional needs is especially taxing. So ensure that you have people in place who support your adoption and who are willing to take an active role when your child comes home.




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