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Happiness and Envy

Half term holidays are upon us and I am planning to visit friends who live in the west of the country.


One of them is my son's school friend who was adopted from Guatemala several years ago.  They wanted a sibling but due to money constraints had to sell their house in West London and moved to Wales. Talking about adopting a second child was very much our topic of conversations and when Guatelama closed to adoption the idea of Russian adoption came up.


This time last year I invited them to come to the RUKA Christmas party to meet other parents and to play with the children who had come home.  Yesterday, I called her to make plans for the holidays...and she was in Moscow.  And today she is meeting her daughter! I was shocked - in less then a year to have done the homestudy, moved city, and to be meeting your child is virtually unheard of in adoption circles. A little tightening of my chest was felt. I too of course would like to adopt a second child so it was a pang of envy but also of joy that the process can be moving so smoothly forward and that in all likelihood by May their family will be complete. 


I am holding thumbs that all is well and with excitement I wait to hear on the weekend the news.  Another prospective adopter who I have known for over 3 years now has also just come back after meeting her two children. It is so exciting and every time without fail tears come to my eyes.  To know that these children's lives will be permanently altered for the better is so amazing. They will never know how their live could have been. And yes I know that there are many arguements to inter-country adoption but no one can in all honestly put their hand on their heart and say it is better that these children grow up without loving parents.  Both these women are awsome and they will give their children everything. These children will have the chance to reach their potential and for that they are blessed.



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