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What would you do if you only had limited time?

Time is the most precious currency in your life. And if you calculate how much time you have left in your life, it may make you change the way you see things.

Take a price of paper - divide it into 8 squares which represent each decade of your life. Shade off the area of how many years you have lived until now. Divide the rest in half as that is the time that you will be sleeping. Shade off another third which is the time you will spend eating/drinking/cleaning/dressing/watching TV. Now what you have left is, is the only time you have left in your life to do the things that you really want to do.

It is not much, is it?  A few years to live one's life purpose.  Condensing things down like this is a great motivator to do what you need to do. How much time do you have left and what do you really, really want to do in this time? What is the most important thing for you? What is the thing that you need to do to give you the most rewarding, satisfying, meaningful years for the rest of your life.

And condensing that down - if you only had 24 hours to live, what would you want to do in those 24 hours? For me without at doubt, it would be to spend that time with my beautiful son - but I would also take time out  to tell each and every one of you who has shown an interest in international adoption that you must do it. You must follow this path that has been presented to you.

Adoption is a calling and if you are reading this, then you have received that calling. You are being directed to giving a child a home. Giving a child a Mum and Dad, giving a child a chance to lead a normal life. You have a wonderful gift to give, and giving this gift will offer your life meaning and reward.

I can vouch that adopting a child  is the most rewarding thing one can do. I have travelled the world, done a thousand things, made movies, being on the red carpet, dined in the best restaurants - all of this is nothing, when I compare it to becoming an adoptive mom.  My child is so precious and being a mom is so precious.  I feel so strongly about this, that I would spend some of my last 24 hours asking you to follow your dream, complete your family though adoption, and make your life rich and meaningful.

When I look at the information that members of International Adoption Guide offer - I see that more than 80% have been thinking about adoption for 2 years or more, 30% have been thinking about it for 5 years or more.  That is 5 years of sitting watching TV, thinking that life could be different.

Yes, life could be different and it will be different, if you get activated now. If you look at the bigger picture of your life and see how you can change it. If  you extend yourself out of your comfort zone and take a step to changing your life now.  Take the first step and say  "I am going to adopt a child".

Once you have said that - which will take exactly 3 seconds of your life - your life will begin to change immediately. You have acknowledged that your time is precious and you need to spend it doing what will be most rewarding.  From that initial step, comes the finding out stage, and then you are on the road to living your dream. 

Really, it could not be more simple.

I can hear your arguments here in Chiswick. I can hear you say BUT..."it is so long", "it is so complex", "it is so expensive".  It is so worthy, it is so important, it is so meaningful. Recently, at the RUKA (Russian UK Adoption) Easter Party - 78 adults with 42 beautiful children from Russia this could not be more evident. The love that fills the halls at RUKA gatherings is tangible, and at times overwhelming. And not one of those parents have regretted stepping out of their comfort zone and following the red string that pulled on their hearts and led them to their children. All of them and all of us here at International Adoption Guide are here to help you find your children. 

My life's purpose and the next productive years of my life are devoted to help you to fulfil your life's dream.  Take a blank piece of paper and draw a picture of your dream life. Ask yourself, if I could make my life as good as it possibly could be, what would it look like?  If there are children in your picture and no children now in you life, then it is time to call me on 08444 157 827 to see how we can bring you closer to fulfilling your life's dream. Remember the clock is ticking!

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