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GiFT our first International Adoption Agency

I have gone live with my fundraising campaign for GiFT Growing International Families Together

Well, it is out there in the universe now!   And I am feeling a little vulnerable as this is the make or break of all my years of being in adoption.

I am raising £80000 so that I can set up a small boutique adoption agency that will provide personal service for 50 families a year.

It is a beautiful plan and I am so excited to be bringing it to you. There are so many people who are interested in adoption and so many who move away because they believe the process to be too long and daunting and that they will fail. Up until now all I am able to do it to say follow your dreams and follow this path. Now though it is a different story !  Now I will be able to say "Here let me hold your hand and take you on the journey" I cannot wait.

So I am on a fundraising drive and it is very difficult for me to ask for money. I guess I am a little proud in that department, so I find this difficult. But I need your money!!  I need your friends money and your families money! And I need it now!  You will see on this page my GiFT flower and my Growing International Families Together campaign. Please click on it and contribute.

If you are reading this you are probably interested in adopting in the future. But don't know where to go or who to speak to. Help me today and I will be helping you tomorrow. Taking you hand by hand. Telling you what you need to do and when you need to do it. We will be giving you the resources you need. We will be finding this document for you, and we will sending that document to that person.We will be gathering together all your documents. We will tell you where you need to go and when. We will be there at the airport to meet you. We will be introducing you to your child. We will arrange the court date and documents.

You will have nothing to worry about. It will be a sweet time for you. You will be able to sail through your adoption, stress free. You will be able to prepare yourself for paranthood and not get stuck in paperwork. There is someone else taking charge of your adoption.

I am so excited about Growing International Families Together ( so excited to be doing something concrete for the children of the world and so excited to be bringing a service to you. We want to launch in November so can begin operating Dec January 2014.

Please help me to help a handful of children find forever families in the UK.

Thank you!




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You can help a child without a family by helping us help families who are opening their hearts and lives to give a child in need a permanent and loving home.

We thank you for making a difference - every Pound goes to changing a child's life forever

Please click on the above button to donate to GiFT Growing International Families Together International Adoption Agency - together we can give children back their lives through the love of international adoption

Thank you for your kindness and generosity


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