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Putting my head down....

As 2014 dawns, my focus is solely on GiFT our new international adoption agency - Growing International Families Together.

It has long being a dream of mine to create an adoption agency and I am very happy to say that each day I come closer to that goal. GiFT is now in professional development. So it is no longer just an idea, a thought, or a plan. It is now being fleshed out in details on a minutia scale. Everything is being written down, discussed, debated, changed, rewritten, re-evaluated and agreed. Each step slowly being crossed off as it is completed.

The whole process feels akin to the inter-country adoption process - each step has to be completed before the next can be done, but the step cannot be completed until the next step is completed. The proverbial Catch 22 situation! So I am sitting down and doing very fine and detailed planning and plotting and trusting that everything is happening as it should.  In the next couple of days I should have my accurate time scale - at present we are looking at application in March and opening doors in May 2014.

As Growing International Families Together is a small boutique agency with very high quality professional service and support, we will only be working with 20 couples each year. This ensures that we will provide to each family the service that they wish, tailored to their specific needs. Our fully comprehensive service will educate, empower, support and engage you with all things adoption whilst facilitating your whole adoption process and bring your child home.

It is so exciting to be able to do this for the children in the countries we will be working. So pleasing to know we can make life easier for their future parents.  I will be so happy to have clients who come home with their children happy, relaxed, knowledgeable, and who have all had a positive adoption experience. Just yesterday I was having a catch up discussion with an adoptive dad whose children came home from Russia 8 years ago, it did not take long before our voices began to rise in anger at the injustices we experienced and the poor way we were treated almost every step of the way. So taking these experiences and that of all the other adopters I have engaged with, we will be providing everything that we did not have, from Adoptive Parenting Classes, to lists of what to take when you meet your child. We will be taking all the stress out of the process by handling all the paperwork, and give you the opportunity to focus on becoming successful adoptive parents. We will provide you with the books you need to read, the academic studies on adoption research you should read, keep you informed on the latest thinking, we will prepare you for each stage and we will always be on hand to answer any questions that you have. We also do not leave you alone in this process. We will introduce you to other adopters in our coffee mornings. Connecting with other adopters gives you powerful peer support and you will create buddies who will help and support you on your journey building international families together.

I love it! Well, there is a lot to do I am now going to get my head down. So please forgive me if I do not answer your emails or reply to your telephone calls. The sooner I get this done the sooner I will be able to help you.

Due to the demand for our services we will begin a waiting list from February. If you would like to join this list, please drop me an email at and I will get back to you to discuss in the next few weeks.

Thanking you!


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