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Its an age thing!

OK lets face it - I am an old parent or should I rephrase that as an older parent. My child is just at that most energetic of ages 10+ and I am at the other end - the beginning of the slow down phase.

Of course 10 years ago I did not have the first inkling about what it would be over the big five Oh threshold. I was active, lively and hardly ever needed any sleep. Roll on the years and my geatest dream is to have a day in bed, if I see midnight it has to be a new year and the words 'I'm tired' roll off my tongue more times than I would like to admit.  I am packing in the iron and the Vit B and sneak in a late morning of a Sunday just so I can 'beat you to the post box', or play 3 minutes of rough and tumble.Ahhh

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