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New Parenting Classes for adoptive parents

I am very excited to be signed up to join Heather Forbes and her Beyond Consequences on-line parenting classes.

Heather's Love approach to dealing with children with early trauma is the only method that makes sense to me. The basis is that babies who do not have the safely and security of a permanent primary carer fall in to a fear pattern when they are faced with stress - and this fear is played out in poor behaviour. So it is not punishment that they need but to feel safe and secure. It is not an easy parenting method as it often goes against instinct but it is very effective - not only in solving the immediate situation but in the long-term of creating a safe and secure world for these children.

I will be blogging about the course and my experiences with dealing with my darling son who has slight RAD and therefore poses challenging behaviours (for example getting up at 1.20 last night and going downstairs and putting on a video and then REFUSING to go back to bed, ending with tantrums, crying, hitting, swearing and lots and lots of foot stamping!)

I hope you will enjoy the journey as much as me, I will be posting every week over the next 10 weeks and if you would like to find out more about Beyond Consequences please check out the website

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