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New borns, Fashion, Thank yous and Creative Ideas

Absolutely thrilled with the arrival of my friend Molly and Nik's little boy, born yesterday evening. We have been waiting on tender hooks for this little one's arrival - and now he has arrived and the family is complete.

Welcome to the world little one who is yet to be named. You will be loved and honoured and showered with good things and surrounded by beautiful people who want to see you flourish, develop, blossom and make your place in the world. You and all who surround you, are Blessed.

The birth of a child is truly remarkable. A miracle. Creation in its glory. Life begets life.  There are no words to express this incredible event, we can just go on our knee and say Thank You. Thank You to your God for this marvellous act. I cannot but cry at the pure magic of it all.

And there is joy here. This child is so wanted. Sacrifices can and will be made in his honour and his needs will shape the lives of those that care for him. It is, because they can. At times like this I have to stop and think of the millions of mothers who have given birth and who cannot give their children what they need. Mothers and fathers who know that the best that they can actually do for their children is to pass them into the hands of others that can. This is a selfless act of love. An acknowledgement that their child will have a better chance in life, if they are not with his or her birth parents.  It is an act of faith and usually made in the hope that the-powers-that-be, will ensure that their children are bought up in a family environment. Birth parent wishes however very rarely come true.  With 163 million children living without their parents and an anti international lobby these children are destined for a sub life. A subsistent life, a life of survival and not of potential. 

But for the very few who are given the opportunity to escape 16 years of confinement in barrack like institutions, their world is open. They can and do seize the opportunity to exploit their freedom. And choice is one gift that adoptive parents are able to give them.

I have given my son the choice to explore his expression. And he uses it, every minute of every day. Undoubtedly, an incredibly creative and talented person, he never lets an opportunity pass. Into music and having taken possession of several pop CDs - he has blue tacked them around his walls, creating not only a fantastic display, but easy access to the CD's he'd like to play.

Yesterday, I left the tin foil out in the kitchen, and this morning I was woken up with "Hey Mum, look at this".  There was my son in vest and sparkling silver mini skirt...I was then led onto a demonstration of five or six fashion ideas with tin foil before he scrunched it all up and threw the foil ball to our new little kitten (Flicker) to begin playing. What a way to start the day! 

But the day finished on an even greater note....when I picked him up from school he presented me with an envelope...inside was a beautiful bejeweled card that he had made - with the inscription "I love you Mummy, thank you for Flicker". 

And it is those two beautiful words Thank You that say everything there is in the world.

Thank you!

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