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Reading for the Christmas period

All you want for Christmas....

BraveHeart Education

I can't believe there's only a few weeks until time flies?! And if you're anything like me you're still looking for presents for family and friends. So today I thought I would make it a bit easier for you and give some recommendations of books and resources that may help someone you know in their role, particularly with vulnerable children.
The first is a book written by an adoptive parent. Sally Donovan's book 'No Matter what' was released in July 2013 and has taken the adoption world by storm. This is the best book I have read from an adopter about the process, challenges and joys of raising adopted children. If you know someone considering this wonderful journey then I'd highly recommend this book.
My second recommendation is a relatively new book to me (although written in 1999) - Alfie Kohns book called 'Punishment by rewards'. I came across Kohns writings when I was doing some research around our rewards and sanctions in this country. It's a fascinating read and really opens up the theory of rewards and behaviour modification and for those who've been on any of my courses you will know this area is the most difficult one for vulnerable children and for schools to handle.
Finally of course I have to point you to my book 'The Teachers Introduction to Attachment' released in July 2014. This book is an entry level to Attachment for those who need a fundamental understanding (everyone in education I believe) and it is written in an accessible, down to earth way so that anyone can get hold of the concepts.
So I hope those three recommendations will help you in your gift searching - you can always put them on your Santa wish list too!
Happy lead up to Christmas!
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