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The love for an orphan

Agent Orange and Orphans are two of my passions and what I have been working endlessly for the last 10 years to readress. So it was with such happiness that I read of this amazing story about Brenda Smith and her 15 year love for an orphan affected by Agent Orange.

On June 21 on Channel 5 will be the extraordinary story of Brenda and her love for a little boy she calls Fish.

To read the story and see pictures click here

I trust that the story will highlight the issues of Agent Orange and how it has affected the people of Vietnam. I was there in 2002 and broke the rules to bring the story of Agent Orange and the suffering of the Vietnamese people to the media's attention.

Battles poison cloud

It has been a phenonomal journey which has seen the lives of millions of people change for the better.  Before my film Battle's Poison Cloud, the victims of Agent Orange were a hidden secret, but now they are acknowledged not only in recieving a good stipend from the Vietnamese government but they are also honoured with a a day in their honour. 12 August is Victims of Agent Orange. I am so proud of this work and the positive effects that have been achieved.

I look forward to watching the documentary and seeing the positive effects that the love of one person can have on another.



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