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Consultation on DCSF charging for their services


What I should be doing right now is filling in the Consultation on the DCSF wanting to charge £1775 for their services for processing a Certificate of Eligibility - it's difficult though to keep a lid on my feelings.
Since when I ask do government departments start charging for their services? Is that not what we paid tax for??
Does the Defense Department charge families for bringing back the bodies of their loved ones? Why not? A dead soldier is no longer any use for the goverment and thus bringing back the body is solely 'in the interests of the family'. I don't mean to be flippant but according to the DCFS consultation this "charge is being introduced because it is a service for the prospective adopter, rather than the child, as the child is usually unknown at the application stage". Such double standards are being used. The whole emphasis on an inter-country adoption is in 'the best interests of the child' and here when it suits them it is suddenly 'in the interests of the parents'.
And here I would like to throw in the IVF card. IVF on NHS is a postcode lottery - but if you qualify and thousands do - then your treatment - to create an unknown child - is paid for to the tune of £7000.
Oh yes, the government will pay for you to bring a child into the world through medical science but will charge you for taking in one of the children already in the world who no one can look after. To me this makes no sense. No common sense and no 'green' sense either.
But the DCSF will put in the charge in September - it has been decided and there is no strong opposition. It will not improve their service and it will put off some prospective families. The result is that a child somewhere in this world, unknown, will not find a loving family, will grow up in an institution, and will be inadequately prepared for adult life. Well done DCSF, I hope you are proud of yourself.

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