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The Joy of My Son

It has been a while since I have written on the blog as I am busy writing my website and preparing everything for the launch in September.

 It is so wonderful to be immersed in the adoption arena and I am so looking forward to bringing to our members all the most relevant and up to date information that will make their adoption process quicker, cheaper and easier and most importantly will ensure that more children come out of orphanages quicker.

I had one of those perfect days with my child today and I can honestly say that I am all 'loved up' about him. In the daily struggles of school, meals, work etc I sometimes forget what a complete gift he is. But today at 6 and a half he is showing such amazing signs of confidence, ability, talent. I am really impressed. We sit down to do some puzzles and whilst I am explaining to him he has already come up with the answers (thank goodness maths does not phase him). He gets onto a trampoline and starts to do pikes, we go to the park and he opens the gate for a mother and her pram, and then goes on to make friends with all the kids in the play gound. At this moment I can't fault him. He is funny, bright, talented, confident. And wise.

When his friend commented that Simon Cowel was having a bad day he responded "Well, he needs to get some energy by eating his vegetables and getting to bed early. Then he will feel better, yes he definately needs to get some more sleep!"

I love him and I thank all the powers that be that bought us together.

Adoption is such a beautiful gift, how could that ever slip my mind?

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