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A new child is about to be born

It does not seem more then a dozen years ago when I received the beautiful news that my friend had given birth to her third child, a gorgeous daughter. It wasn't 12 years, but actually 18 years ago and today, she is one day late on her due date of giving birth to her own little son.

It is a miracle and thinking about it has caused shivers to run down my arms. This little child is fortunate as he has a loving and supportive family - but it makes me think of other 18 year olds this very day giving birth to children that have not been planned. Do they have the capacity to give their children a loving home? Are they prepared for the hardships of parenting? Can they actually afford to feed another mouth?

I know that many children will be abandoned today. Left on street corners, in parks or perhaps on doorsteps of hospitals or orphanages. It is not necessary because these children are unwanted it is more because of the practical realities of life. At 18 not many young adults have the tools and support to be successful parents. They may initially enjoy the idea but soon with the constant crying and demands find that the task at hand is too much. Perhaps they are frightened - they have not told anyone about it for fear of repercussions - they have hidden their pregnancy and now want to dispose of the child and resume their lives. Perhaps the child has come about through abuse, perhaps the father has rejected them.

The world is not perfect and human nature is flawed. And because of this innocent children are destined to live a life of hardship, deprived of that which is their right - a loving and secure family and home. I bless the child that is soon to be born and I honour and respect those children who, through no fault of their own, find themselves alone and abandoned- left only with their mother's wish, that they will find a family who can look after them, better than they could.

We are here to find those families for those lost children.

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