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The numbers of inter-country adoptions declining

The FT published this article this morning on the decline of inter-country adoptions:

And my comment:

Mmm, Bulgaria has not closed inter-country adoptions as stated and Romania allows inter-country adoption to Romanian citizens. Facts, please.

I am an adoption consultant in the UK and I speak to roughly 3 people a day who would like to adopt - only a handful go ahead. The reason - the complexity, the vast expense and the long time in waiting for a child.

In the same respect I receive an email a week from an orphanage somewhere in the world asking for help for their children. The number of children coming into the care system is increasing globally - look at the numbers who have increased this last year in the UK alone. 

Children are not being placed for inter-country adoption because of organisations such as UNICEF, Save the Children and Lumos, criticise countries and make them feel shameful and suggest their personal alternatives - which of course benefit their own causes.

Inter-county adoption is also regularly used as a political tool for leverage. Russia was quite happy to bargin their children as political pawns.  

Over regulation, layer upon layer, has strangled a system which provided families for children in need. The result is millions of children will grow up wth the greatest form of poverty - no love, no family, no support, no long term prospects. 

Shameful in every respect as all children have a right to grow up in a loving and secure family and there are many, many families who would love to cherish and nurture these children. Suffer the little children. 

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