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Post Placement reports

It is imperative that you do your post placement reports. They need to arrive at your country's official offices on the day requested.

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It is of the utmost importance for host countries to keep a check on their newly adopted out children.


This is not only for safeguarding but also to ensure that the process is working effectively.


It is the responsibility of the adoptive parents to ensure that all post placement reports are completed and sent in a timely manner. Although the local authorities or voluntary adoption agencies make a committment to the court that they will fulfil their duty with the post placement reports on the ground they are not under any legal obligation to get these done.  Russia has now taken the bold step of blacklising any agency who does not file a post-placement report - hence throwing the ball in the LA or VAA's court. So it is now now the responsiblity of both parent and agent.


Please ensure that this committment to your adoption is followed so that international adoptions are not placed in jeopardy.

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