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Intimidation by Social Workers

I think that I have heard it all now.

I have just been talking to a member who is in the homestudy process. She had a question and sent it off by e-mail to her local authority. Can you guess what the response was? Answering the question? A pointer in the direction where she could find the answer herself?

No. She received an e-mail to tell her that she is not allowed to ask so many questions!! Yes, someone at the local authorites sat down and penned an e-mail telling a potential adopter that she is asking too many questions and she is NOT ALLOWED to ask questions.

I am just laughing now, as this is possibly the most ridiculous thing that I have ever, ever heard.

Not so funny for the adopter who is totally intimidated and feels that she is living under the Stazi.

How can this be?

I cannot even write any more, except "How can this be?"!


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