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Post IVF and Beyond Mentoring Programme

Introducing a fantastic new programme to help couples who are stuck in their parenting dreams. International Adoption Guide and All About You Coaching are very happy to bring you an excellent and comprehensive new course to guide and support you after your attempts to create a family through IVF have been unsuccessful.

We know what it feels like to go for one cycle to the next, and each time having that devastating feeling of failure. There comes a point when one begins to question if IVF is the right path to travel. But the idea of what to do next, is an all too fearful question, so sometimes we just go with the flow, with the hope that a baby will by some miracle find its way into your life.

And anyway you understand it all now, the terminology, the drugs, the timings and maybe this time...

But after another unsuccessful treatment the pain and the heartache begin to set in.


This is a very overwhelming period.

The first thing to do is to take a break. Stop everything. This will give you the opportunity to rest and recuperate. With daily trips to doctors, hospitals and injections there is very little time to take stock and to assess what actually is happening.

Just stop everything, the thoughts, the dreams, the hopes. And just be.


Often, at this stage you will experience deep sense of grief. With the sudden stop of the medial roller coaster, there is a huge vacuum and this will immediately be filled with emotions. This is all very natural and you should not fight against it. It is perfectly human to feel sadness when you suffer a loss. It is at this time that you need to seek loving support and together move through the stages of grief. With honesty, good communication and loving support you will come through this period, ready and prepared to tackle the crossroads ahead.


However, it is at this time that many, many couples get stuck. With nothing to look forward to, one tends to look back and sees nothing but huge amounts of effort to get nowhere. This is then projected into the future and silently one tries to deal with the suffering, grief and loss of never having dreams fulfilled.


I know because I have been there. Lost, not knowing which direction to turn. One more chance? A different route? With so much time, money and energy already invested with no positive result. I just gave up confused. I didn’t have the energy to consider anything else. I just wanted to be left alone. I just wanted to get on with my life.  There was no one there to discuss things with, to assess how the treatment had affected me, to see how my financial, emotional and physical resources were depleted. I did not have the energy to consider any other options or the secure and loving space to have the freedom to explore what options the future could hold.

Without a means to communicate my feelings, needs, opinions, I felt unheard and thus unimportant. I felt it would just be best to focus on something else and get on with that and leave everything behind.

But of course things don’t work like that. My unresolved feelings never went anywhere and would surface at intervals. I would then suppress them and move on. Only for them to come up again, and again.

Until, eventually, I took stock and decided to do something positive about them. And what a Blessing!! But I will always regret the time that it took to reach that point. It was too long and my chances of a second adoption were dashed.

Lorraine's Story

Lorraine’s story is similar, taking so long to come to a decision which was the best decision in her life. And this is why she came up with the Post IVF and Beyond Mentoring Programme. We decided that with a wonderful, secure and profession platform for couples who have pursued parenthood and as yet have been unsuccessful, we may be able to offer them the valuable support that they need to have no regrets later in life.

So taking the end point as our starting point - anticipating how you might feel in the future we began to work backwards and see all the areas in our lives where we needed help and we did not receive it.  In this way we have come up with an incredible support programme which takes you through all the areas where we feel we can best help you. And at the same time offer you a secure environment to express your feelings, thoughts, needs, opinions, concerns, dreams and hopes.


Is this you?

Are you are finding that you are just going through the motions of a new IVF cycle and do not hold out any hope? Do you feel that you have put so much of your life on hold to follow your parenting dreams? Has your relationship just become a vehicle for medicalized reproduction? Do you no longer hold dreams of pregnancy? If so,  it might be time to reassess your family goals.


We can help


And we help you do this. By covering subjects such as assessing where you are, looking at barriers in your way, to communication, your choices and the door to adoption we take you through the journey post IVF to that of being prepared and excited for the future. 


I have spoken to hundreds of people who have experienced the pressures of IVF with family and friends and who have all found that when the cycles stop, people are unsure how to respond and to act with you. Your uncertainty, feeds theirs.  Having a clear idea of moving forward has helped these families cope better with external pressures.


We help you find the possibilities open to you, be they third party reproduction, adoption or a childfree life. We give you the opportunity explore and to consider what your life has to offer. We want you to be able to make an informed and considered decision about your life now and save you years of angst and uncertainty.


We know that moving on from infertility treatment is a major decision, and it cannot be made lightly or quickly. This is why we have designed Post IVF and Beyond Mentoring Programme over a period of time – 3 months. This gives you the opportunity to look at and explore the emotive issues that will arise and give you the time and space to discuss them and come to terms with them.


One of the invaluable aspects of our teleseminar course Post IVF and Beyond is that it also offers the opportunity have peer support.  Support from others in the same position is priceless. Surrounding yourself with others who are in the same situation and who can understand where you are coming from is incredibly liberating. It allows you to express yourself without having to explain yourself. This means that you are able to really dig deeply knowing that you are safe and supported.


Because of this important aspect we are keeping the Programme limited to only 10 couples. We already have 2 places booked for our course that starts on 8 May, and the remaining 8 places are expected to go quickly.


Please click here to find out the complete Post IVF and Beyond Programme and if you require any information please do not hesitate to contact Cecile or Lorraine on 08444 157 827 or


I am so proud of this course. I am so proud to know that I can be helping people at a very difficult time of their lives. I know that I can help you get your life in a positive state with the confidence to move into the future in a happy and secure way. This is what some of our clients have said about us:

Testimonial from Glynnis

My time with Lorraine has provided me with a lifeline for something that, dealt with on my own was all consuming and in which I was overwhelmed with fear. She has really given me courage and this gave me the confidence to take action and achieve my goal. Without her encouragement I would not have achieved my goal so quickly. I have truly been lucky to work with Lorraine as my life coach over the last three months. She has a light, gentle, caring approach and I have found her 100per cent professional and highly experienced. I liked the way she supported and encouraged me through her listening and feedback skills. I highly recommend coaching with Lorraine.

 Testimonial from Michele

"Cecile’s consultations have been invaluable in terms of turning my abstract dreams of adoption into a concrete reality with a defined road map going forwards. By demystifying what I’d perceived as the daunting process of adoption and providing me with the knowledge and contacts, she gave the courage to get off the fence I had been sitting on for years and take that leap of faith. Her guidance has been empowering and transformational " MT London


Lorraine and I are here to help you transform your lives. If you want to know more about us before you make a commitment to join the course – then we would like to invite you to join a FREE one hour teleseminar on Wednesday 24th April at 9pm. 


To express your interest please send an email to with FREE seminar in the title bar and we will send you all the details including the telephone number to call.

So excited to be meeting you, and to be helping you on the road to your bright future.

Click here for more information or go to

Please pass this on to anyone you know who may also benefit!

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