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I am just venting. I have no idea what is going on in this country when it comes to adoption. It is in the hands of people who, quite frankly do not understand anything. The constant negative dialogue that Social Workers and agencies blurt out intercountry adoption is not only appalling but it is criminal. Just today this is the converstations that I have been having:

"We started the process in February, and it ongoing as the social worker has said that she is too busy.."  To busy to find a child a family??

"What is happening with adoptions from X? Our agency is telling us so many negative things that I think they are putting us off"

"We have been told that we have to find other families who have adopted from X to find out the process, before we can continue"

"We are approved as domestic adopters and have been waiting for over 2 years. I never wanted to adopt domestically in the first place, but they pleaded and insisted that we were ideal for domestic adoption...."

"The agency is having a go at us about e-cigarettes, despite the fact that BAAF say it is OK"

And that is one day.

Honestly it just breaks my heart. In whose interests is all of this? Each time I hear a story like this, I think of a little child, closing their eyes on another day without love, and with the dispair in their heart that tomorrow will be no different.

Take responsibilty and get these families to the children who need them.

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