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It's a New Year!

Last night I was watching Davina McCall's new programme, This Time Next Year, where there was a young couple who were trying to concieve and set their objectives of becoming pregnant within the year. They ran a short story behind their sad plight on how they had been trying for several years to no avail. I felt for them and also knew that the chances of them falling pregnant throughout the year were highly unlikely. But they did it. For this lucky couple their IVF worked and they are now the proud parents of a bonny lad.  The raw emotions of the family and their friends and extended family was a stark reminder of the pain of infertility and a loss that most of my potential parents are coming to terms with.  

One doesn't really turn one's mind to adoption until all other options are expolited. Adoption is not considered in the UK to be a positive option for completing your family and many people do not begin to contemplate the idea until they have expereinced years of pain and disappointment at medicines hand. And yet international adoption is a guaranteed way for you to be come parents as there are hundreds of thousands of children waiting for loving families.  

It is a matter of 'flicking the switch', moving from 'wanting to have a baby' to 'wanting to be a parent'.  As soon as you decide that you want to be a parent the options of adoption open up. It is this desire to read a bed time story, teach a child to play cricket, spend hours drawing, plaiting hair, dancing in the rain that brings one to adoption.  Trust me there is a child out there who spends every night lying awake dreaming of having a bedtime story read to them, wanting someone to show them how to play cricket, who yeans for colouring pencils and paper, whose fantasy is to have a mama to plait their hair and the idea of dancing in the rain with a parent is just beyond their comprehension.

These children may not be what you envisaged when you were growing up and planning your life, when you met your partner and thought, "Oh, I like his or her genes." They may not be the adorable little baby that you can hold in your arms, or the child who looks just like Grandpa. But they are children who can laugh, who can mimic your expressions, who may be silly like Grandpa. They are children who have lost out on the first stages of love and security and protection.  They are children who through no fault of their own have ended up on the abandoned heap of humanity. They do not have a future without you. They do not have a chance, without you. They will never learn to trust, without you. They need you and they are waiting for you to be their parent.

Call now 08444 157 827 to see how you can become a parent to Jose, Joseph, Barbara or Milos. The sooner you begin your adoption journey, the sooner you can be a parent.

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