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GiFT International Adoption Agency

I am setting up an international adoption agency! We are so happy to be bringing Growing International Families Together - GiFT an amazing service to UK families and to fundamentally change the lives of children in need. But we need your help!

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Step by step we are getting closer to the realisation of our beautiful specialist international adoption agency called GiFT - Growing International Families Together. It is a very exciting journey. 

Please look at our video and see that moment when I bought my little son home. So beautiful, so powerful.

We want to help more and more children find loving homes in the UK. At present less then 80 orphan children are adopted into the UK, we want to change this and make the numbers more like Europe where over 2000 children are adopted each year. We are in the process of getting our application to Ofsted ready and the plan is to finalise everything by mid July so that we can open our doors in 2016. Follow us on FaceBook

In every country throughout the world there are children who are growing up without a family. Without adoption these beautiful children, through no fault of their own, are likely to spend every day of the rest of their childhood life in an insitution, an environment which is not condusive for their mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

GiFT is in professional development, we are working on our policies and procedures and creating a robust structure for the organisation. We have created strong links with our partners, building a powerful board, are putting amazing training programmes in place.  Find out more here

GiFT will be working with 20 families in the first year, building up to 50 families a year. We are keeping it small and excusive so that our adoptions are successful.

Our three programmes are working in Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia - can't reveal the exact countries yet but I can assure you that there are very many children who need loving homes and families. They will never have the opportunities of a normal life..unless they are fortunate enough to be adopted.

It is going to be the greatest joy to see many, many children run and jump into their new mummy's arms!

Follow our progress on our Facebook page:

If you are interested in using our services then please call Cecile on 08444-157 827

Would you like to help? You can make a fundamental contribution to transforming a child's life by supporting Growing International Families Together (GiFT).  By helping us today, to are helping a child tomorrow.  We are going to change the life of Dima, Mark, Maria for forever, and give them a chance to reach their potential. And give their children, and their children's children a safe future.

Please donate today by clicking on the above button,

Thank you. Your support is very much appreciated and we thank you for your donation.

If you would like to sponsor GiFT in a more meaningful way please phone me on 08444 157 82708444 157 827 or drop me an email at and we can arrange a meeting. Thank you - together we can change lives

GiFT - Growing International Families Together, a fully registered inter-country adoption agency, opens in November 2014

This boutique inter-country adoption agency, with programmes in 3 different countries, is making its appliation to be licenced through Ofsted and will be opening a full and superior adoption service in the summer.

Please follow us on Facebook to follow our progress!

CiC  Registration No 8365223


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GiFT adoption agency

Bless you. You have changed a child's life forever.

Thank you!


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