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Expert Opinion on Adoption Support

A developmental perspective is required when it comes to supporting adopted children and the families who take them in.

This is the suggestion of Dr Gordon Milson, Clinical Psychologist, who was speaking in response to an article published in the Guardian that noted a young person's problems are not automatically fixed once he or she finds a loving home.

The story suggested a greater emphasis should be placed on the support given in such cases rather than on the speed in which they are carried out.

Dr Milson noted a youngster's understanding of experiences can alter as time goes by and their minds and brains develop - meaning their functioning needs to be monitored once the adoption has taken place.

He observed: "Sadly, many of the support networks available to children and carers whilst in care proceedings are not available post-adoption and I'm not aware of any formal psychological monitoring processes to support families.

"Difficulties are not always obviously evident, even to those whom are involved in the family, especially after they have shown show much love and devotion to enter the highly emotive adoption process. 

"Whilst efforts to try to speed up the sometimes excessively lengthy adoption process ought to be encouraged, there must be due attention paid to the importance of support in the long-term for those children and their adoptive families who are successful in being united."

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