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Nepal to begin process to ratify Hague Convention

Govt urged to frame law on adoption

The Kathmandu Declaration of the first International Conference of Inter-country Adoption today urged the government to ratify the Hague Convention, 1993.

The three-point declaration has urged the government to formulate laws and regulations according to the norms and values of the Hague Convention, establish and operationalise a central authority to regulate and facilitate the processes and exercises of Intercountry Adoption accordingly, to ensure clear provisions for licensing institutions, organisations and agencies working in adoption, and to set up an effective system of monitoring such agencies and to take concrete measures to prevent irregularities and malpractices.

The declaration also realised the need for an accessible National Information Centre on adoption for sharing the information and making the entire process transparent and reconvene on similar happening periodically.

The delegates showed solidarity and agreed upon to extend the cooperation to the government of Nepal to initiate reform regulation inter-country Adoption and for the overall development of Nepalese children.

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